Production Assistant (PA) – Baby Hope (Short Film)

October 19, 2023

The Project:

Synopsis: Sitting on a park bench, a woman talks to her stomach and expresses her hopes and dreams to her unborn baby. On the other side of the same park, a man talks to a picture of his baby’s ultrasound, dreaming about his unborn baby. But sometimes things don’t go as we hope.

Screenplay: Bruno Machado Gomes

Produced by: Romane Orlando Robb (Producer), Jesse Pindus (Executive Producer), Bruno Machado Gomes (Executive Producer)

We’ll be filming in New York City in the summer of 2024. This is a two-day shoot maximum.

Tentative shooting dates are as follows: July 20, 2024, to July 21, 2024.

The Role – Overview:

Robb Entertainment is searching for a production assistant to support all production needs on and off-set. Primary duties of the role include running errands, answering and making phone calls and text messages, and distributing scripts and other production-related paperwork. Punctuality, professionalism, and knowledge of film-industry terminology are greatly preferred. Our ideal candidate is a highly organized self-starter with a keen attention to detail and great listening, written, and verbal skills. Production assistants may work in our production office, or on set assisting producers, cast, and crew as needed.

Key Objectives Of This Role:

⦿ Prepare sets and fellow cast and crew members for filming.
⦿ Support all areas of production before, during, and after a shoot.
⦿ Handle various administrative tasks throughout the duration of the production.
⦿ Coordinate and communicate with fellow production staff/crew.
⦿ Help ensure smooth operations while on set


⦿ Print and distribute scripts and other production materials to the cast and crew members.
⦿ Run errands as needed.
⦿ Escort and assist actors and actresses around film sets.
⦿ Handle and distribute production-related paperwork.
⦿ Organize equipment and other set-related items.
Perform clerical duties, like making and answering phone calls and text messages, and recording expenses.

Skills And Qualifications:

⦿ Ability to stand for long periods of time: up to 14 hours per day.
⦿ Capable of lifting up to 50 lbs without assistance.
⦿ Knowledge of film equipment and terminology.
⦿ Strong communication skills.
⦿ Keen attention to detail.
⦿ Great multi-tasking skills

Preferred Qualifications:

⦿ Quick thinking and problem-solving abilities.
⦿ Resourcefulness and critical thinking skills.
⦿ Valid driver’s license.
⦿ Familiarity with various project and office management software such as Jira, Monday, and Asana.
⦿ Excellent listening skills.
⦿ Excellent social media management skills.
⦿ Bilingual.
⦿ Ability to uphold a professional demeanor
at all times.

Please have your resume on your profile. This is absolutely mandatory. It allows us to efficiently analyze and evaluate each and every candidate.

Minimum 6 months
Work Level
Employment Type
$100.00 per day.
Valid Until
November 30, 2024
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10 employees
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