Mutaurwa Mapondera


About Mutaurwa

Over the course of a career in advertising that has taken me to Wieden+Kennedy, AKQA, Google Creative Lab, and most recently, Meta, I’ve been blessed to develop a wide-ranging skill set that includes writing, photography, filmmaking, and production.

I consider myself a writer at my core but, having developed into a truly multidisciplinary creative, my knowledge of different crafts enhances all my projects, allowing my storytelling to go beyond the confines of traditional advertising.

I have always pushed teams to consider different perspectives and imbued my work with an intimacy and humanity that asks big questions without forgetting the details that make us who we are.

I have a wealth of personal experience to draw from, and my unique perspective has been an asset to teams throughout my career, pushing them out of the orthodoxies of advertising and technology and finding an intimacy and soul that has become my calling card.

My writing inside and outside the agency often tackles themes of mental health, cross-cultural experiences, and the Black experience in America. I’m interested in finding new opportunities so feel free to reach out to me at


  • Art Direction
  • Creative Concepting
  • Creative Direction
  • Directing
  • Photography
  • screenwriting


Documentary Work for Google Creative Lab